March 9, 2015

Maybe I'll Be a Better Housewife Tomorrow

The laundry hamper is overflowing,
Mountains of dirty dishes are growing.
Toys are strewn all over the floor,
I really need to go to the store!

Sure, the floors need mopping,
But the kids aren't stopping
To pick up Lego, Barbies, ponies,
Cheerios, crusts, and macaroni.

The bathroom wouldn't reek like a sewer
If the kids' accidents were fewer
And it would help if they remembered how
To flush it down if it is brown.

I would have cleaned, but it was sunny today;
The playground beckoned us its way.
I would have shopped, but baby was ill.
Yes, I could have tried, but still...

It's hard to manage two little ones
That only want to mess and have fun
Between battles over peeing, eating,
Brushing, picking up, and sleeping.

When they sleep through the night,
When they get dressed without a fight,
When they listen and hang up their coats,
When they help me fold the clothes,

Maybe, just maybe, there will be time
To  keep the messes all in line,
To put gourmet meals on the table;
A perfect housewife won't be a fable.

Maybe I'll be a better housewife... tomorrow.




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