November 1, 2014

Still Alive

(Blast from the Past, March 2012)

Hi Nudists,

How're you doing? I'm still alive. This thing called work is kicking my ass though. I'm starting to realize why so many women don't bother and stay home so they can see their kids grow up.

Has being out of the house helped my postpartum depression? |A little, but the whole family's stress level has gone up. Naked Daddy and I commute together and drop off and pick up the kids together so our days are long and time with the kids is short. The time between pick up and bedtime is a little over three hours. Naked Baby and Naked Girl have been sick as many times as weeks I've been working (three). After we pay the dayhome, we're only $500 ahead.

I have to think about how this is going to work long-term....

If you work, how did you make it work?


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