February 8, 2012

Turn That Frown Upside-Down (Gratitude List, Part 3)

A big part of my postpartum depression self-treatment involves reprogramming negative thinking. I'm supposed to focus on the positive and to start by making a list of things I'm thankful for. I've done it before (here and here), but haven't posted the lists around house in prominent places; Naked Girl doesn't need to learn how to spell the f-word just yet.

Here's my latest gratitude list:

1. Naked Girl has good lungs and communication skills to tell me what she doesn't like (rather than just scream like most toddlers).

2. My muffin top has shrunk two sizes to a delicious bite-size. Please, no sampling.

3. My unkempt hair isn't falling out in handfuls anymore (on the downside, the production of pussy cozies has fallen dramatically).

4. Slight hearing loss from babies hollering in my ears and total and utter exhaustion ensure I sleep well at night. I am relinquishing my title of World's Lightest Sleeper if you would like to carry the torch.

5. I can use the word 'fuck' 47 different ways. It is amazingly satisfying and honestly, I think I'd be completely bat-shit crazy if I couldn't express my frustration/anger in a colourful way.

This is probably not what the therapist (who wrote the self-help article) had in mind....

What are YOU thankful for?


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