February 3, 2012

Photo Friday: 'Gina Juice

Disclaimer: This post is about my daughter's word for vagina. I apologize in advance to all the Ginas out there.

Anyone with a toddler knows how much little kids are fascinated with private parts. I think in the Naked house, we display them more often than other people, so Naked Girl talks about them even more than the average toddler! For a while, Naked Girl called her vagina Vagy, but lately she's been calling it 'Gina. Not only does she talk about her 'gina, but she even makes up little 'gina songs: 

'Gina, 'gina, 'gina, Jacky has a 'gina. 
'Gina, 'gina, 'gina, Mommy has a 'gina.. 

...and so on until she's gone through all the females she knows.

Serendipitously, the last time I went shopping, I found Gina juice in aisle nine (shame it wasn't aisle 69, but grocery stores aren't that big). Laughing so hard I thought I'd pee myself, I popped the juice in the cart and drove it like I stole it all the way to the till with a huge grin on my face. 

Delicious and healthy 'Gina juice. Naked Daddy loves it!
The cashier didn't suspect a thing, she just thought I was a bit weird, but when I got home and announced my purchase to the family, I got the following reactions:

Naked Daddy: Mm, my favorite. I love 'gina juice.

Naked Girl: I'm NOT drinking that, Mommy! I don't like 'gina juice!

Naked Baby: (smiled because she knew Naked Daddy was being naughty)

What names do your kids use for their junk?


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