January 6, 2012

Super Pooper

Naked Daddy has been off for two weeks and we've been making the most of it. By this, I mean more than ice skating, walks, and trips to the zoo; for me, it's been great not to deal with poo. You see, in the Naked house, when Naked Daddy is home, he assumes poo duty. In honour of his efforts, and Naked Baby's changing bowel habits (she used to poop once a day, now it's three times!), I wrote a verse based on the tune of Super Trouper* by ABBA. Naked Girl already knows all the words and sings it with me every time Naked Baby needs a change. I hope you'll sing along!

Super Pooper (sing to the tune of Super Trouper by ABBA)

Super Pooper, Daddy's gonna change you
Every single time
And that is just fine
No poopy diapers are mine!

It's ridiculous that relief of poo duty should make me so giddy, but as you already know, these hands were not made for wiping asses. Who's on poo duty in your house?

*Super Trouper, the inspiration for Super Pooper:


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