January 17, 2012

Naughty Nanny, You're Too Sexy (For My House)

After much deliberation, I've decided to go back to work this spring (rather than September) and this started a flurry of worry... what the hell are we gonna do with the kids? Although we LOVED the dayhome Naked Girl went to, now that we have TWO little munchkins, the most economical childcare solution is a nanny. A nanny will also save us the frustration of shoving the kids in the car in their pajamas without breakfast getting the kids ready and out the door in the morning and rushing to pick them up before their daycare closes. There are a lot of negative points, however... 

  1. Having a room-mate again. I'm not keen on the idea AT ALL, but we can't afford a live-out nanny.
  2. Just because a nanny is cheaper than daycare, doesn't mean it's cheap. We have to feed her, our utility bills will go up, plus we have to pay for her health insurance, employment insurance and other crap (still reading through the government docs). We'll probably have to get cable for the first time ever too... not my favorite use of dough. 
  3. It's so hard to find a good nanny. 
  4. There is SO much fricken paperwork involved in hiring a foreign nanny.
  5. The domestic nannies seem so slutty. Below are REAL photos I pulled off a nanny/au pair site. I have concealed their faces for anonymity AND so they don't sue the pants off of me. At least I'm wearing pants. No word of a lie, when I was looking the other day, one was wearing a swimsuit and another was wearing a belt teeny tiny dress. When I tried to get their photos for this post, they were gone - probably reporting for hooking on a nanny site. They actually had the balls to say they wanted to work for single dads too. I digress. Enjoy the photos. 

Ok, this one isn't dressed slutty but if you saw her facial expression, you'd think she was posing for a porn mag.
Get a room (you should see her bedroom eyes!) or better yet, get a modelling job. Seriously gorgeous.
My husband's first impression when I said this was our nanny? "She's a party girl, huh?"
Again, you're not getting the whole picture so she doesn't look that bad. Loads of makeup!
Unless she's lactating and offering to nurse my baby, I don't need to see her tits. Wouldn't you agree?  
My personal favorite. Because nothing says I can take good care of your kids like posing seductively
behind a shiny curtain. My only question for her: Where's the stripper pole?

Am I a prude or do you think these photos are inappropriate for nanny applications too?


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