December 8, 2011

You're Awesome! Now, Shake My Hand.

When I started blogging eight months ago, I had no idea I would find so many sisters from another mister. Whether they're doling out wisdom, recipes, gut-busting laughs, giveaway prizes (I actually won one!) or unexpected kudos, my sisters never fail to amaze me. Recently, I was fortunate to receive the following award from three wonderful bloggers: Moments of ExhilerationLife, Love, and Baby ~ And other catastrophes, and Our Journey Through This Lovely Life.

The Badge!
The Tell Me About Yourself Award requires the recipient to:
  • Thank the person who gave the award.
  • List 7 things that people may not know about you.
  • Pass the award to 15 other bloggers and notify them. (You should give the award to someone who hasn't already received it but in my case, I was tardy in posting my 15, so no one knew I'd already been given the award.)
  • Post the badge on your blog.
Seven Things You Didn't Know About Me (And Maybe Didn't Want To Know)

  1. My husband and I eloped. It was exactly what we wanted and the setting, Chesterman Beach, couldn't have been more lovely. We went on a three week road trip before and after our wedding that included Vancouver Island, Hornby Island, Gabriola Island and the Okanagan. We camped most of the time and did some mountain biking, but enjoyed a few luxurious nights at the Wick and a few nights at a charming B&B in the Okanagan. The only thing that stressed me out slightly was my wedding dress in the car amongst the camping stuff. I was worried it would smell like campfire smoke, then realized it wouldn't matter because it was just me and K (and the officiant, elopement coordinator and photographer). 
  2. I used to want five kids. That was back in highschool when I babysat. Everything changed when I had my own and realized how much work kids are when you have them 24/7.
  3. I was a passive-aggressive non-confrontational teenager. For example, in eighth grade, when my locker buddy stole my favorite hoody and gym clothes then kept stealing my lunch (it happened daily for a period of three weeks), rather than ask her to stop or tell on her, I did the following:
    • unwrapped my peanut butter sandwich
    • made an announcement to ensure I had an audience
    • opened said sandwich and used it to wipe the floor by the garbage can (I scored the jackpot with a dead fly)
    • reassembled the sandwich, rewrapped it, and put it on my shelf in the locker
    • sat across the hall with my friends and waited for my locker buddy
    • watched my locker buddy eat my sandwich
    • asked my locker buddy if she enjoyed my lunch
    • told my locker buddy the sandwich was actually a science experiment to see if flies would hatch from the dead fly
    • laughed hysterically (with about 20 others) while my locker buddy tried to make herself puke.
  4. I taught English in Japan for two years. The weirdest class I ever taught was a private lesson in which an older businessman brought a Stephen King novel with all the dirty parts highlighted. He asked me to explain things like "cum her brains out." 
  5. I hate baby showers. I tell my pregnant friends to have baby showers because you can get so much loot, but hate going to them and always find excuses not to go. 
  6. I can't drive standard. Actually, I can't drive an automatic either... well, I can, but I'm not the best driver. I was so impatient to get my license that I went and took the test one month after I got my learner's permit. The result? With a few kilometers to go and 44 demerits (45 demerits is a fail), I sped through a red light which is an automatic fail but the grader just told me to slow down because he didn't want to fail me. The only reasonable explanation is that it was summer, I was wearing a tank top and short skirt, and flirted shamelessly the whole time.  
  7. I'm left-handed so I not only write with my left hand, but eat with my left hand too. This said, I wipe my ass with my right hand and take great (but guilty) pleasure in shaking hands.
My 15  11 Sisters From Another Mister
(Do you know how long it takes to pick 15 blogs and comment on all of them? I am only one woman and am a woman that needs sleep! I know there are many other blogs worthy of awards and will give out the Versatile Blogger Award soon. It's another one that demands you pick 15.)
  1. A Mad Girls Lovesong
  2. Feeding Five
  3. A Little Lucidity
  4. AdamAlexMommy
  5. Tattie Weasle
  6. Just Another Tired Mommy
  7. The Adventures of Not Supermom
  8. Short Fat Dictator
  9. It's A Vol!
  10. GetRealMama
  11. Ginger Doodles
You're awesome, ladies! Now, shake my hand.

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