December 13, 2011

The Kitty Cat Ninja

Naked Girl's on fire today. 

Here's the conversation we just had:

Naked Girl: You're not an inja, Mommy, and Daddy isn't an inja. You're just wearing a mask, you're not an inja! 

Me: Are you a ninja?

Naked Girl: No, I'm not an inja. I don't like ninjas. Ninjas are bad. Ninjas are scary.

Me: But if Mommy's a ninja and Daddy's a ninja, you must be a ninja too. 

Naked Girl: No, you're not ninjas! Stop saying that! That's f#$%y (oh yes, she said the F word but made it sound cute with a 'y' on the end).

Me: Well, if you're not our little ninja, what are you then? 

Naked Girl: I'm a kitty cat. You're stupid.



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