November 30, 2011

WTF Wednesday: Someone's Asking For Trouble

It's 9:30 AM, snowing, the mercury is at -9 C (15.8 F), and the front door has been wide open since my husband left for work this morning.


I'm more worried about crazy people in the house than how chilly it is.

WTF? (or not, I like to think others share these fears)

I walked around the main floor, Em in my arms, holding M's hand, calling "Helloooooooo?"

WTF? As if a psychopath in your home to do you harm would just say, "Hey, how's it going?"

M didn't miss a beat and asked me why I was worried. In my most reassuring tone, I told her I wasn't worried but she was like "Yeah, right." I wasn't too freaked out because K had only been gone a couple of hours and I saw no fresh footprints in the snow, so figured no one had come inside. Oh yeah, and this isn't the first time hubby's left the front door wide open.

WTF? Is he trying to invite a home invasion or did he just forget his brain on the nightstand?

I think it's yet another way my husband is secretly trying to kill me. He should at least have the sense to raise the spousal life insurance policy if he's gonna do things like that (I know he hasn't because we reviewed the docs from his employer two nights ago)! And maybe send the kids to his mom's first? What  have they ever done to him?

Does your other half do things like this or is mine super special?


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