October 15, 2011

Toddler Logic

Scene: Em is napping, M and I have just finished lunch.

M: What doing, Mommy?
NM: I'm cleaning up sweetie. We can't leave dirty dishes on the table.
M: <waits about 20 seconds> What are you doing?
NM: Putting the food away. I have to do some dishes after, so why don't you go play?
M: I don't wanna go play! What doing?!
NM: I told you, I'm cleaning.
M: You don't have to clean, Mommy.
NM: Yes I do. Otherwise it'll look like we live in a garbage dump.
M: I want to live in a garbage dump! You don't have to clean!! Come play!!

Scene: Em has cold symptoms and a rash so M and I are taking her to the doctor.

M: Em has a rash on her bum so we have to take her to doctor.
NM: That's right. We're almost there.
M: She has a rash on her bum so doctor's gonna listen to her heart with stethoscope. Right, Mommy?
NM: <laughing silently but super impressed she could make such a long sentence> The doctor might listen to her heart. I think she's gonna look at the rash first though.


Super funny!! hahahha
I loved it!

Thanks Karen! Gotta love a two year old's reasoning!

Too cute, sounds like my two year old :) Thanks for the follow, following you back, have a great day!


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