October 14, 2011

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I saw your recent post highlighted on BlogHer and just commented on one of your Facebook posts. I blogged about something similar (Christmas decor in stores too early) last year, thought you might be amused... http://bucketofice.blogspot.com/2010/11/secret-addiction.html

New Follower from Finding New Friends Blog Hop. Hoping you will follow back! =0)
My Crazy Life

@iceprincess, i LOVED the post! yes, let's just focus on one holiday at a time. what if they did this at school? kids would be so confused. my 2 yr old is already confused by all the thanksgiving, halloween and christmas decorations in the store. last weekend she asked me if we could put up our tree and thought i was punishing her when i said no cos there were 10 up at costco.

thanks corabeth! i checked out your blog and am following you too now.

New follower from the Mommy bloggers club! Check me out when you get a chance. I love your blog!

Thanks for visiting! I'm going to your place now. : )

I found your blog on Blogher and I love it. I like your page and hope that you will return the favor :)

@MM, thanks so much! I'm going over to your place now (and yes I follow back)!


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