October 6, 2011

Put Your Toys Away

An oldie but goodie with an important reminder to put your toys away:

I have nightmares about this kind of thing happening while we have company. My girlfriends would likely interview M about the toy (What's that? What's its name? You can turn it on and off? Cool! How fast can you make it go?) while comparing the colour of my face to lipstick and nail polish shades (Very Cherry, An Affair in Red Square) and then would ask for a detailed product review. It would be slightly uncomfortable but not completely traumatizing because it actually wouldn't be the first time we'd shared such info.

The people I worry about are everyone else. If my husband's coworkers saw an IKEA re-run in my house, even if I could dig a hole big enough to jump into, I don't think I would ever come out! Just cover me up and put a nice stone on top. Since we bought something new recently (3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift = Vibrator, didn't you know?), I told my husband we should invest in a safe because a) our toy collection isn't that big so we could just get a small, inexpensive safe, and b) we eliminate the risk of me leaving toys in bizarre spots (like the linen closet and M's desk) and then forgetting to put them in better hiding spots and God forbid M finds them, but he looked at me like I was insane. He wouldn't say what was crazy: a, b or both. I think he needs to work on being a better communicator.

If I can't sell him on a safe, any other ideas for secure hiding spots?


Between the mattress and box spring! Ours (all 4 of them :oP i've never been one for sex, how sad :o( ) live in a duster bag from a coach purse and are shoved there. No kids yet but toddler visiting nephew.

Nice, kids don't know about that hiding spot! Only someone robbing your house would look there (and what a surprise they would get). LOL!


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