September 22, 2011

Who's Your Daddy?

Most of us don't know our parents as well as we think we do. Take a look at your Dad. Do you look like him? Did you inherit his IQ, allergies and shortsightedness? If you have nothing in common, it's probably because you're not related by blood.

A few days before Em was born, I heard a story on CBC Radio that said 10% of the population isn't fathered by the guy they think is their Dad. This number has long been accepted by geneticists, however,  Bernard Dickens, a specialist in health law and policy in the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto believes that the 10% figure is actually an underestimate (and recent research supports this). 

Here is a paternity quiz for you. If you answer yes to all three these questions, you are "mother's baby, father's maybe."

  1. Do you get teased about being the milkman/postman's daughter?
  2. Are all your siblings Asian (replace family ethnicity here) and you look half white/Latino/black/brown?
  3. Are your parents tall while you are a little runt?
Finding the 10% stat so surprising and the mother's baby, father's maybe phrase so funny, I told my mom and sister about the story. I didn't, however, find it funny when my sister posted the same words on Facebook under my adorable newborn baby's photo. For the record, I am 100% certain K is the father of my babies - they are mother and father's babies! As for my own Dad... I'm pretty certain he's my blood relative. Do you think 10% of moms have been unfaithful? Or do you think the number should be higher? Or lower?


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