September 15, 2011

Ridiculous Conversations with Two Year Olds: How did the poo get on the wall?

Scene: After putting Em down for a nap, I returned to the playroom to play with M.

M: Mommy, I went poo poo.
Me: Good job, honey! Do you need me to wipe your bum?
M: <looks anguished> Mommy, poo poo's there. Wipe it! Wipe it, mommy!
Me: Yes, mommy's just getting some toilet paper. Hold on.
M: On the wall, Mommy! Poo poo!
Me: What?!
M: Poo poo, mommy! On the wall!
Me: How did poo get on the wall, M?
M: It smells, mommy. Wipe it! Wipe it!
Me: Ok, I need to wipe you first. <wipes M's bum> M, How did the poo get on the wall? Did you touch it? Did you put your bum on the wall?
M: <no answer, looks at floor>
Me: It's ok, sweetie. Let's go wash your hands, then Mommy will clean the wall.

I still don't know how the blob of poo ended up on the wall, but long live Lysol!


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