September 21, 2011

Quickie: Gratitude Time Out

When it comes to spirituality or self-improvement, I'm not an Eat, Love, Pray kind of person or whatever the fuck it's called. In fact, I started reading the book, vomited a few times in my mouth by the time I reached page 30, and put the book down... forever. That's kind of a big deal considering I rarely give up on a book.

The gratitude list thing appealed to me, however, since most people including me, take too many things for granted these days. (It's a total crock of shit that reciting the list during childbirth will ease labour pains though.) For people like me, I created a whole new gratitudism - The Gratitude Time Out (for parents). Before explaining what it is, let me tell you how it came to be: Today, the shit really hit the fan. M was being a total pain in the ass, saying no to everything then whining when I put away the markers/stickers/crackers/grapes she just said she didn't want (I wouldn't be putting them away if she said "yes" when I asked her if she wanted them, WTF?), kicking me in the head when brushing her teeth, telling me she wanted something to eat/drink then leaving it on the table, trying to kill her sister, asking me 70 times a minute, "What doing, Mommy?"... I could go on and on but this is supposed to be a quick post. Anyways, I was so burnt out by the time K came home, I had a tantrum - No! Do not wash that dish, take the baby, I need to get the fuck out of here right now! - and gave myself a time out. Instead of staying home and sulking in front of the computer or doing dishes or something similarly lame, I jumped on my mountain bike and went for a sweet ride in the big-ass park near our house (it's hundreds of acres with lots of paved and unpaved trails). I pedalled as hard as I could and as I released the rage and my mood lifted, I thought, next time my kids drive me nuts, I'll stop, breathe and be thankful for the time out I'm gonna have when K comes home. Try it, I promise you'll love it. And let me know how you spent YOUR time out. I love getting comments!


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