September 26, 2011

Naughty Night Night

I read to the girls a few times a day and most of the time, just want to get through the story without injury (M likes to roll and kick and Em tries to crawl off the bed all the time) so I usually don't think too much about what I'm reading. I must've been tired over the weekend cos a couple books totally cracked me up:

"If you become the wind and blow me," said the little bunny,"I will join a circus..." Source: Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown
I would join the circus too if my parents tried to blow me!
Not in a box. Not with a fox. Not in a house. Not with a mouse... Not on a train! Not in a tree! Not in a car! Sam! Let me be!... I would not, could not, in the rain... I could not, would not, on a boat. <and now the best part - wait for it!> I will not, will not, with a goat. Source: Green Eggs & Ham, Dr. Seuss
I totally agree with Dr. Seuss except for in the house, on a train, in the rain, and in a car (but that was a long time ago). I guess that only leaves in a box, on a boat and with animals. Let's leave all the animals unmolested in boxes on Noah's Ark, shall we?

Have any bedtime stories seemed wrong to you? Which ones?


Well of course there's the Owl and the Pussy Cat, courtesy of Edward Lear:
"O lovely Pussy! O Pussy my love,
What a beautiful Pussy you are,
You are,
You are!
What a beautiful Pussy you are!"

The boob scene in "The Cat in the Cat Comes Back" (that crazy Dr. Seuss)

And tthese weird mice with no pants:

Not familiar with the last two, but I agree they are weird! Good on you for remembering the Owl and the Pussy Cat. Now for the skill-testing question: Do you actually recite it to your kids? ; p


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