September 27, 2011

How many f#$%n strollers do you really need?

My husband and I have a problem, a serious addiction. No matter how hard we try, we can't stop buying baby/toddler transporting equipment. I know I said the kids are tswarpers (creatures with the ability to warp space and time) but they are unable to travel through space well. Combine this limited mobility with a strong need for variety - M will not ride in the wagon two days in a row, for example - and several different kid-toting, hauling, pushing things are required.

Here is our baby/toddler transporting inventory. Please don't rob our house.

Graco Mosaic Travel System $200
Jolly Jumper Ring Sling $30
Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier $200
Baby Buddha Baby Carrier $110
MEC Double Trailer $279
Indie Bumbleride Stroller (used) $275
Chariot Cougar 1 Bike Trailer/Stroller (used) $250
Baby bike seat (used) $30
Tricycle (used) $20
Trike with no pedals (used) $15
Tricycle with handle $100
Radio Flyer wagon with trailer and canopy (used) $60
Britax Chaperone carseat $260
Britax Marathon carseat $320
Britax Boulevard carseat $300
LittleLife Baby Backpack $299
Ride on stroller board (so M can stand on back of stroller) $75
Runners Push Bike $140
TOTAL: $2,963

Being ready for any activity: Priceless!!

I realize we have four carseats, four strollers, four baby carriers, three tricycles, one baby bike seat, one push bike, one baby backpack, one stroller board and only two kids, so is the final total ridiculous? Maybe, but since we are active, we use every piece of equipment at least once a week (except for the sling, it sucks). K is lusting after the highest model Chariot now and appeals to me by saying, "It's for Em and she deserves something nice cos she's been getting all hand-me-downs". Clever ploy, but he forgets I was the oldest in my family and have no sympathy for that crap. My counter-argument was, "How many f#$%n strollers do we really need?! Don't you want the kids to eat and have diapers?!?!"

When the girls are bigger and ask why we won't help them buy nice cars, we will simply tell them we blew the transportation budget before the age of three.

Anyone wanna buy a travel system? I need to finance a new baby backpack without re-mortgaging the house.


Hasn't "K" always had a gear hoarding problem ;)

you know him well! and i thought women were bad with shoes...


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