September 10, 2011

The Ehrenfelser

Ehrenfelser was depressed. For two years, 50 weeks and 4 days she had lied on the wine rack untouched. Her rackmates graduated to Uncorked one by one, but she remained as corked as ever. A dark green bottle with a silver label, she harboured a delightful light and fruity organic wine made with somewhat rare grapes. She had been voted 'Most Likely To Be Popped Within A Week', but that moniker clearly had not fulfilled itself.

Ehren F didn't know why she was always passed over. At the winery, she'd been much celebrated and ooh'd and aah'd over then had been carefully nestled between camping gear and her mistress's wedding dress for the trip to her new home. Once there, she frequently received longing glances and was spoken of fondly, so she anticipated her turn every time her master and mistress had company for dinner. She would scream, "Pick me!" with all her heart but alas, her legs were the largest thing about her and her voice was never heard. She finally gave up on the idea of being chosen and resigned herself to being a Vieux Vin for the rest of her days.

One hot day in August, Ehren F was pulled from the rack and unceremoniously shoved into a bag. She thought it was a garbage bag and prepared for the worst. Half a day later, she saw daylight again and realized that she was in a hotel room. The room had a pleasant view and river rock fireplace - it had the potential of being a Wine Drinking Place. "Hurrah!" Ehren F exclaimed. "I will soon join my friends at the Bottle Depot!"

Four days later, Ehren was home again. Her mistress was in a foul mood and declared that she needed a drink, dammit (The children had not slept well on vacation and everyone was tired and cranky)! Ehren's master promptly popped her in the freezer without so much as a how do you do and somehow in the night, Ehren's cork got popped. It was not how she'd imagined it would be, but she was relieved to have it over and done with. She knew that she would have been relegated to the rack once more if it hadn't happened. What Ehren didn't know is that she had great sentimental value to her master and mistress and they had been waiting and waiting for the perfect opportunity to get to know her better. The day after the freezer incident was no special occasion but was a happy accident for all. The master and mistress of the house savored the wine as a belated anniversary treat and Ehren felt relieved that she was not be a Vieux Vin after all.

Moral of the story: When you have kids there is never a perfect time to open that special bottle of wine, so just enjoy it when you can. For the record, we sipped our beloved Ehrenfelser in front of the TV in our pajamas and it tasted wonderful.

What's your favorite nightcap?


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