April 8, 2011


A stay-at-home mother (SAHM) of two beautiful girls aged 7 weeks and 22 months, I will be sharing my experiences - good and bad - as I navigate the journey of parenthood. This blog is a diversion from domestic life and will be updated as time allows.

What else can you expect to see here?
  • A lot of talk about shit - real and random 
  • Rants about stupid people and things they say
  • Terrible Two's Bitch-Fests & Ridicuous Conversations with Two Year Olds
  • Photo Friday
  • MILF-Worthy Recipes
  • Unprofessional Advice (Are you sure you want it given the previous bullet items?)
Disclaimer: The purpose of this blog is purely for entertainment and to keep me from looking at bad stuff on the internet. My language isn't clean and I think filters are for coffee. You have been forewarned.


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