Pooches and Pussy Cozies

Mother Nature doesn't play fair but you can make the most of your postpartum hair loss.

Satan Sent Me Spam (or My DVD Player Just Hates Me

Satan's work or Dora the Explorer's?

You're Not In The Boom Boom Room Anymore

Has your bedroom lost its sexy since baby moved in? You're not alone.

I Nominate Myself For The Worst Mommy Blogger Ever

Not your typical mommy blogger.

My Doctor Made Me More Depressed

Talking about depression is difficult, especially when you're talking to idiots.

April 8, 2011


A stay-at-home mother (SAHM) of two beautiful girls aged 7 weeks and 22 months, I will be sharing my experiences - good and bad - as I navigate the journey of parenthood. This blog is a diversion from domestic life and will be updated as time allows.

What else can you expect to see here?
  • A lot of talk about shit - real and random 
  • Rants about stupid people and things they say
  • Terrible Two's Bitch-Fests & Ridicuous Conversations with Two Year Olds
  • Photo Friday
  • MILF-Worthy Recipes
  • Unprofessional Advice (Are you sure you want it given the previous bullet items?)
Disclaimer: The purpose of this blog is purely for entertainment and to keep me from looking at bad stuff on the internet. My language isn't clean and I think filters are for coffee. You have been forewarned.


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